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Shanghai Superior Machineries & Materials Co., Ltd. was founded by a team of Doctor of Materials Science, MBA and experienced specialists in metallurgical, materials science and surface engineering industry. With over 20 years of  expertise in providing our best products and services to our esteemed customers, SMMC always satisfies our customers by superior high quality products and excellent services.

Generally, our business concerns sourcing all industrial products for our overseas customers and introducing high level equipments and materials to domestic market. Due to our sincere hard-working and outstanding expertise, we've been successfully acting as partners in China for many famous brands. Our business scope covers more than:

  • Industrial equipments, especially thermal spray equipments, including 

    • Plasma spray system

    • High velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) spray system

    • Twin wire arc spray system

    • Powder flame spray system

    • Wire flame spray system, ceramic rod flame spray system

    • Automatic arc spray system for industries of capacitors, semiconductors, etc

    • Accessories, such as spray booth, dust collector, spray lathe, X-Y manipulator and articulated robot etc.

  • Advanced materials, such as ceramic powders, alloy powders, cermet powders, pure metal and alloy wires(Zn, Al, Mo, stainless steel, Zn-Al alloy and cored wires) for thermal spray, metal matrix composite, ceramic matrix composite and polymer matrix composite, discontinuously reinforced or continuously reinforced.

  • Outsourcing, over the range of aircraft/aerospace, gas turbine/power, petrochemical, pulp & paper, automotive, machine shops, transportation, steel, marine, heavy industry, earthmoving, electrical and many others...providing reliable and efficient outsourcing services to our clients, we work with our  reliable, world class source plants base, featuring low price, high performance, serve you to obtain a competitive advantage in your industry. Please contact us for any questions and inquiries at

    Shanghai Superior Machineries & Materials Co., Ltd.

    Rm. 804, Ding Long Building, 465 Xishan Rd.

    Pudong New District, Shanghai 200135, P. R. China

    Tel: 86-21- 6855 2091, 6855 2092, 6855 2093

    Fax:86-21- 6853 5408

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